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Digital pelvic-health care program available at no cost to qualifying employees and health-plan members

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Pelvic Disorders

From pelvic pain to complex dysfunctions, it addresses the core and pelvic floor which can improve comfort and daily life.

Sexual Health

1 in 3 women experience painful intercourse at some point in their lives. Bloom can help relieve pain and improve intimacy.

Our solution

Pelvic Health Specialist (PHS)
Pelvic Health Specialist (PHS)
Your PHS will listen closely and help you reach your goals. They're on the journey with you through live video and chat.
FDA-listed Tecnology
FDA-listed Tecnology
The intravaginal Bloom Pod measures contraction and elongation of the pelvic floor and sends real-time biofeedback to the App.
Bloom App
Bloom App
Members view real-time progress in the app. Results are also shared with your PHS. The app also includes helpful articles and insights.

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Health Specialist

You will discuss your pelvic health including conditions and history.

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We'll ship you a Bloom Kit including the Bloom Pod and you will connect to the Bloom App.

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With your program and the Bloom Kit, you'll start your journey to better pelvic health.
Danielle's pelvic therapy experience
Danielle - foto 3.jpg
Danielle, Mom of 3
Sword member, Bloom employee
Moms shouldn’t suffer in silence from postpartum pelvic dysfunction.
Danielle suffered life-threatening complications after the birth of her third child, and struggled for 18 months with her pelvic health. Learn how pelvic therapy changed her life.
Marta Cardeano
Like many, I’ve suffered with chronic pelvic pain for a long time and was repeatedly told that it was normal. For all of you in the same situation, it’s an absolute honor to provide this innovative solution to help people all around the world.
Marta Cardeano
Bloom General Manager


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